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ECIR addon in SAP CRM (EN)

If you use a SAP CRM solution you have to enhance the standard processes to meet your functionnal processes.

To enhance them you will use BADI.

Sapcrm polregl 001


In Standard ABAP coding way you will create several usage of your badi, 1 for each requirement.

In the previous screenshot we have created 4 BADI usage, 1 for each document type.Sapcrm polregl 002

Inside 1 of this usage, by example for LEAD document, inside method CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE, you will call CRM_ORDER_READ function module to allow to know which document is currently checked.


Sapcrm polregl 003

The underlined coding line give you which document is concerned by this badi.


Our solution

  • 1 badi is used only
  • function module will be called once
  • No hard coded functional processes into your coding.
  • regression tests will be easier to determine, more secure.


Transformation cost (done by using ECIR methodology and ECIR client:

1 day for 10 badi usage.